Big ups for the feature woop out now on Grand Theft Audio Recordings!!! in all good online stores :)

[itunes/beatport/juno etc.]


Special Move - GTAR-FREE006

2015-04-28 17:00:42 by AeroMusic

re-mixed and mastered courtesy of nothing to lose and audio animals mastering. artwork by Toby Bamford. GTAR and I are releasing this free download ahead of the official release of Welcome to the Future and Mind on the 4th May!! enjoyyyyy 


Welcome to the Future // Mind OUT 4TH MAY [GTAR-014]

2015-04-16 08:30:36 by AeroMusic

big ups dnb france & atomik tags for using mind :) linky

click picture for clips


NG Audio Portal Podcast!

2015-02-13 04:21:12 by AeroMusic

So YouriX is doing this awesome project :

Also might do a studio mix soon, if my decks decide to work again - got around 8 tracks that have never seen newgrounds 


clip 10/03/15:

new music finally :):):):)

2014-09-09 20:21:47 by AeroMusic

two new tracks

did a liquid one- too many mountains

and another a bit harder :) - mind


might send off to a label or two so thats why they're not on newgrounds! 

Nu songngngngn!

2014-06-12 07:11:50 by AeroMusic

Feliciano (Normal Mix) 5:06


Feliciano (Extended Mix) 8:07


Thought I'd try something different with the extended mix. The mixdowns on them isn't the best as my RAM is shite nd my computer can't handle more than two instruments at once without shutting down  grrrrrr


won't be able to make much music over the summer because I'll be away from my computer back home (will try and get back as soon as possible tho) which is the main reason I decided to leave these tracks uploaded.

anyways enjoy - remember its pissing me off not being able to make music alot more than it'll be pissing youse off :P

First release!

2014-04-18 16:44:03 by AeroMusic

Big ups Evoque and Mr. Zodiac for their support :) and mSdoS for putting my track on his april top 10!

Sunshine is out now on liquid drops!! (beatport/itunes/juno)



2013-12-14 13:22:02 by AeroMusic

Exam time coming up so you probs won't hear from me for a little while :(:(

if you don't already you could follow my Soundcloud

New songs:

A.I.M. submission

Sunshine - forthcoming 16th April on Liquid Drops 

Another one ;)

new songs woop

2013-07-20 16:53:10 by AeroMusic

I'd appreciate likes on my FB page- I'll be more active on there if more people liked it :P

New song on soundcloud!