Nu songngngngn!

2014-06-12 07:11:50 by AeroMusic

Feliciano (Normal Mix) 5:06


Feliciano (Extended Mix) 8:07


Thought I'd try something different with the extended mix. The mixdowns on them isn't the best as my RAM is shite nd my computer can't handle more than two instruments at once without shutting down  grrrrrr


won't be able to make much music over the summer because I'll be away from my computer back home (will try and get back as soon as possible tho) which is the main reason I decided to leave these tracks uploaded.

anyways enjoy - remember its pissing me off not being able to make music alot more than it'll be pissing youse off :P


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2014-06-12 13:15:27

We are, or at least I am, pleased you tried and got something up. It's not even bad.

Maybe this is a temporary goodbye, and if so stay safe, otherwise let's hope for better luck and functioning computers...