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Stepping Mellow Stepping Mellow

Rated 4 / 5 stars

riiight - as the best dnb I've heard on ng in a while thought I'd leave some feedback

I feel the snare doesn't fit at all - I'd prefer a different sample of a brighter snare, or even a rim shot
the hats sounded way too mechanic/synthetic, maybe a layered high passed break would give it a more live feel and added some shuffle which I feel was lacking also. I'd honestly bring the gain on the closed hats down a little, they stick out a bit too much
The cymbals you used I also think should have been pitched a bit higher or some more lows cut out. Sounded great on the intro and breakdowns just not so much in the main sections

another tip for drums if you don't already is compress them a little as a whole (via bus or group) or add a little processing to them all to make em more cohesive, the main thing with these drums is that they don't glue together so well

Kick sounded fine to me although I think it was kicking a bit lower freq than I'd want making the sub less impactful

nice higher end on the bass nice work there. sub didn't sound strong enough to me but only by a little bit all in all bass was great and I really enjoyed it (also if your sub hits below 35hz most speakers won't pick it up - even on a club system!)
I didn't enjoy the faster LFO synth too much, I would have cut out a bit of the highs on that

having 48 bars of an intro is a bit annoying mix wise (but not saying its wrong!) personally I would have added another 16 bars of the atmospheric section. Lovely chord choice and the piano worked really nice. Cool switch ups at the end of 16 bars and you added elements to keep it interesting

the high register piano and atmospheric sounds were by far my favourite element of this song, they added so much character and depth - brilliant work there :) loving those reverb wood hits anorl

all in all very nice work mate

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Chozz responds:

Very informative review. Thanks, a lot of points taken that I will use in upcoming tunes!

Kez- Retreat Kez- Retreat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

not really into this kinda music tbh

Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

agree with 8bit about the bassline - but that said its still sick as fuck like nemesistheory meets noisia. just a shame about the arrangement a bit, just it'll make it hard to drop in a set
plus while I liked the rhythm of the drop I think you could of added some rides or some kind of other rhythmic element to help carry it through

also I'm not usually a fan of drumstep so obviously I'd prefer the half time bit being there - but its obviously produced alot better than most tracks I hear on here so yeah
BIG UPS THE NG DNB FAMALAMALAM u should totes do more

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Impulse Impulse

Rated 5 / 5 stars

glad I favourited you man, great song :)

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Dodge & Fuski-SWYD(Ryuno Rmx) Dodge & Fuski-SWYD(Ryuno Rmx)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

love this track - been on my favs for a while and I keep coming back to it, thought I'd show it some much deserved love <3

Starfall Starfall

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

please oh please send me the piano stem without the distortion I'd love to do a remix of this

the piano progression and composition I think was wonderful - I think when the drums came in at first they sounded a bit out of time and off
the guitar was sexy with good bits but a bit amateurish
rather than repeat I have to say I agree with most of what johnfn says below

lovely song though and its nice to hear something with more different instruments from you

Consume Consume

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool man I'm digging this - I'm gonna try a constructive review

Firstly, the atmospheres and sounds were very nice and well placed. For the main drop they sounded a bit off like out of tune - especially that 0:50 riser (but tbh gave it a nice scary feel)
the bass just before the drop sounded like it clipped or distorted - I suggest turning it down in the intro to make the drop hit harder aswell
Your bass sounds were nice although I feel the sub got kind of lost and muddied - as if two sub layers were mixed. Love the woo kind of second bass sound thing - lots of your sounds seemed to be high cut too much and not low cut enough - I would of preferred slightly more high end on the bass samples
Nice switch up at 2:21 - but again I'm not sure if I just can't feel the bass properly or the sub frequencies are mixed badly
As useless as the review seems I kinda agree with the track being quite repetitive (I think this could have been sorted with variety in your pads - the overall structure of the track seems fine to me just the overlay of the same atmospherics make it seem repetitive)

Personally I would of liked the atmospheres not to have carried on into the drop or had vastly different sounds just to make it impact more
Risers were nice but seemed to finish a bit too early to have the impact risers can give

Drums were very well done kudos, the hats were nice and is the kick/snare just from a break? anyways sounded good and your kick weirdly had enough low end despite the problems I have with the low end of this track :P

overall solid work, I'm not too into this style of dnb myself but I can appreciate it nonetheless :)

nonono1 responds:

I love your detailed reviews.
You have a good ear for sound structure to notice that I combined two different sub layers.

Darkstep is rare on newgrounds, in fact I'm the only one doing it.
I appreciate your positive feedback even though this style is not your cup of tea.

I know the quality of my production will allow people to appreciate this underrated music.

Prime Light Prime Light

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Right, nicely produced if not a bit quiet

Now my issues are mostly with the composition/arrangement of the piece rather than the production which is strange for newgrounds ha

Firstly, you've got unoccupied headroom mate - unless this is a premaster then theres no reason for that to be there. A good way to get rid of headroom is to just amplify the file in audacity if you're hesitant to raise your master/limit on the master.

The filtered break thing (if thats what it is) that starts around 13 seconds is awesome and works nicely. Liked the bassy kick and it didn't conflict the bass (guessing SC). the drums on the drop were very nicely done, love that rim/snare hit. The hats sounded good aswell apart from the odd open hat which sounded out of place. Liked when the tamb came in and all. The use of ping pong delays I felt was a bit overused but still nice.

Right what I didn't like
it kind of grew on me but honestly the third note of the piano that plays about 53/52 seconds I don't like being there - just sounds off or out of key
The piano sounded a bit dry and like some cheap soundfont or something - a hall reverb and stereo enhancer would have given it a bit more character.
Lots of your hits like halls kicks and cymbals seemed to me to not have much tail end to them which usually left the following sections a bit dry.
I would have liked a louder bass or sub - but liked the rhythm to it
That ride at 2:00 I don't understand why it doesn't just play 4/4s the weird rhythm doesn't sound too good to me - also I think maybe a little quieter and higher pitch would’ve sounded better.
Liked the chord variations and little piano bits - they were nicely timed and fit well

fade out ending was a bit lazy but worked nicely for the overall feel of the track

Overall, nice production - a bunch of things I feel could of been improved upon but it still had a very nice atmosphere to it and everything worked well together :)

[felt bad for you because of the 'reviews' below so ud better reply >:( ]

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neBSounds responds:

Thank you for the detailed review mate! You don't get a lot of those on NG. Yeah I've been really lazy on this track! I wish I spent more time on the pianos tone and delay sends. And I felt it lacked one final element just to drive the track more but never got round to doing the finishing touches, hence the fade out at the end :L. I tried all sorts of things like cutting up acapellas and programming basslines but in the end got bored of the track.

Appreciate the review man!

501-And it Begins (Ryuno rmx) 501-And it Begins (Ryuno rmx)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

sick tune man loved the arrangement and I love these type of drumstep drums
Nice pickup into full time dnb though it could have done with a little bit of variation in the synths loved that vibrato-y lead aswell :)

but yeah wrong genre its drum and bass

Basses were nice and had adequate sub (not usual for ng yay)
felt that snare was wahayy too weak could of done with a much longer tail and some compressed layering

also imo think there should have been a nice ride/openhat/crash on every beat of the drop to carry it through a bit more

nice plucks and that (although I don't know what you made yourself and what are samples)

JustnotEnough JustnotEnough

Rated 3 / 5 stars

liked your snare and kick - and the high pitched snare was nice but lost its punch (try layering the original snare with the high pitched one)

imo the song didn't really go with the picture - seemed like a beautiful picture with a very sinister theme though and this song was very major and happy

the structure was all over the place and didn't really feel too cohesive

I hated your hat/ride sound it sounded really mechanical and like a drum machine - you had some nice variation in the drums but usually came at weird times and made the whole song lose its energy (liked the hats in the cool drum bits though)

that white noise that comes in about 1:28 sounded really off and not very nice as did the the melody of that section, sounded just like you pressed random notes

nice reese but it was lacking lots of sub

nice progression and piano

bolisa responds:

Didn't know the picture was that bad. But ok, next time better i hope. I'll just go on with making music, and who knows, maybe i will get better with producing. See you next time then.

Thanks for the great review master.